Weekly Photo Challenge: Purple





A recent vacation to the Butchart Gardens in Victoria, B.C. allowed this beautiful capture!


Weekly Photo Challenge: Create


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Well, this week challenge may be a bit of a stretch, but I just can’t help myself after the day, and year we have had!

My son, whom I ‘created’ with a little bit of assistance from my husband, was named ‘Player of the Year’ for the MCU Portland Phoenix Middle School Age Boys today in Portland, Maine. He plays for the U-13 Elite Soccer team, and has had a Season I do not think he will soon forget.

This honor comes after a year of challenges.  When playing a game in the Fall of 2011, he sustained a serious Concussion that kept him out of School for 6 weeks, and out of Soccer for 5 months.  Given this game is what this boy eats, drinks, and sleeps, it was devastating for him, to say the least.  He came back from all that, to not only receive this honor today, but also lead his team to winning the State Cup for his age group as Captain.

Today’s honor just goes to show that strength, determination, courage and perseverance can get you through a difficult situation to the other side!  We are so very proud of him, for all that he stands for, and has accomplished!  I could not help but use this opportunity to show just how proud we are!


Weekly Photo Challenge: Friendship


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I seemed to miss last weeks challenge, but when I saw it today, I immediately thought of the Prom that I recently photographed for some of our local High School students.  It was that night where two of the young ladies bought a Corsage for a friend of theirs that did not have a date. It was a very sweet moment, reflective of an even sweeter friendship ❤

Ben turns 1!


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Today I had the pleasure of photographing my husband’s cousin’s son, Ben….we THOUGHT it might be cute to do some pictures for this special occasion with a Birthday Cake…thinking, what kiddo doesn’t like cake, right?  Well, Ben had other ideas about the cake, but in the end, we got a few shots of him smiling with his 1st Birthday Cake!  His sister, Cara, well, she was the assistant beyond assistants as she danced, and sang, and helped him see that cake really isn’t such a bad thing 🙂  We will just have to do it again next year, and see if his little taste buds adjust!!  Thanks, Aaron and Suzy, for being such good sports and giving it a try!

Weekly Photo Challenge: Today


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This weeks challenge was to literally stop what you were doing, and take a photograph, to capture the moment in time…TODAY!

When I opened this email, I was preparing my home Studio for an upcoming shoot this weekend,  and my cat, Simba, was being exactly who he is…a bit of a Ham!

So it seemed only fitting to capture this moment…..

and enjoy my Cat being a Ham 🙂

Weekly Photo Challenge: Blue


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 Last week, I spent the week in Acadia National Park and Bar Harbor, Maine.

I was there attending my most favorite Photography Workshop, Barefoot Contessa Photo Adventures.

The first day I arrived, I actually was there for a Lightroom 4 Training, but after working hard all day, we got the added bonus of being able to go out and shoot the Full Moon.  This Full Moon is actually the largest we have seen, and will see again, for some time…so it was worth the effort, for sure.

This weeks challenge seemed to fit with this photograph, quite nicely!